Tired of Paying Somebody Else’s Mortgage?

If you have a minimum 550 credit score, make at least $40,000 a year and have no bankruptcy or evictions in the past 12 months, AND ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BECOMING A HOMEOWNER, you can get started in this program!

Find out how by filling out the form on this page - please include credit score, income, and what you are currently paying in rent in the Comments section to better determine program eligibility.

Are you ready to move into your forever home, but your credit still needs to catch up? Can’t buy now? Would you like access to a lease option program that can get you into your home now? Rent any home for sale, and buy it back later, with an innovative new rent-to-own program. This program will buy the home that you choose, and you’ll rent until you’re ready to buy it back. I can guide you through the approval process and then we can shop from almost any home for sale. We won’t be limited in our home search!

You can get started on your way to Home Ownership by filling out your information on this page!

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